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Codice [C/C++] GyoUtils 2023-09-17

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Ringrazio l'utente discord Cogno per aver condiviso con noi la libreria in fase di creazione, utilizzabile in C/C++.

Fornisco di seguito la descrizione indicata:

Gyoutils is a simple C++ library used to simplify and speedup development while working in C/C++.

Programming has become an increasingly complex, annoying and troublesome task. Meanwhile applications are becoming slower and buggier, each year requiring more and more powerful hardware. What in the past could be done by any programmer are now only possible by teams of hundreds or even thousands of persons.

We do not agree.

Programming used to be simple. Applications used to be fast. We want things to go back to the way they were.

Since hoping for things to get better is pure fantasy, we decided to create GyoUtils.

We know we won't be able to solve every problem for everyone, different projects will always have different requirements. Instead of trying to provide solutions for everything, we're only trying to cover the most common scenarios. That's why we're building this so you can, and should, edit the code to fit your needs.

We want you to be in control of the software. We hope this brings you in the right direction.

La libreria è disponibile dal tasto "download" in alto a destra oppure al seguente link:
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